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Meyerhouse Freehold Condo by UOL Group Singapore

Meyerhouse is a freehold residential condo located at the core of Tanjong Katong. It’s a property developed by OUL Group. This residential property is tactically located in a prime land at the center on many amenities. The developer ensured has used the modern and latest technology to come up with well furnished unique facilities, thus giving the buyers elite lifestyle.

The lucky are those who will get a unit in Meyerhouse. Those who will be living there will have full blown entertainments from unique facilities installed in this residential place. Facilities such as conference venue, swimming pool, Parking lot, fitness center, children playgrounds, club&guard houses as well as Sundeck just naming a few. All these facilities are installed in a professional way thus giving maximum service and entertainment to the residents.

Shopping Centers Located Next To Meyerhouse by UOL Group

Residents of Meyerhouse UOL Group will never regret living there. The residence is at the center of fabulous shopping centers offering residents a unique and distinguished shopping experience. Residents don’t have to travel far finding they are everyday needs. In just a walking distance, they are already at the center of numerous shops. There are a good number of eateries located a few minutes away from Meyerhouse Tanjong Katong. Among them include Melba Café. The café serves delicious coffee, hearty meals, and many other delicious dishes. It offers diversified meals from different cultures and local meals where you will all enjoy to the maximum.

East Coast Park Close to UOL Meyerhouse Freehold Condo

East Coast Park is located meters away from this residence. Residents will be able to enjoy different outdoor activities in this park which includes cycling, stretching, skiing and so on.
There are various relaxation areas in this park as well as food joints among other goodies. The beach offers a cool and serene atmosphere at the park thus making it a good place to be with your loved ones.

Along the Tanjong Katong road, there live very influential people. Thus, the need to have a nice place to meet and socialize as they exchange business ideas. This has prompted the development of world-class country clubs to accommodate them. Among the best country clubs found meters away from Meyerhouse former Nanak Mansions include Martina Bay, Singapore&Chineese Swimming clubs among others. Residents of Meyerhouse will be lucky since the country clubs provide top-notch facilities where they can meet and have a good time together as they share ideas.

Education Centers Next To Meyerhouse

Meyerhouse Condo is next to elite schools in Singapore. This means, your kids will get a quality education without the need to travel long distances. This will help them use much of their time in academic and resting after they complete their classes.

These schools include Canadian, EtonHouse, Odyssey as well as Chung Cheng international schools. Others include Dunman and Mountbatten high schools among others.

Beautiful and elite lifestyle is waiting for you to knock at the Meyerhouse Location. The place is well connected to other parts of Singapore through the main road. Don’t hesitate to grab your unit and the rest will be history.