Jade Scape Condo Qingjian old Shunfu Ville Enbloc

Buying a new house is very expensive. When you decide to build it with your own design, you will possibly spend millions. You will hire your own architect, engineer and construction people and you will spend much of their pay. You will buy the materials, too, and it will surely cost you a lot. Now, real estate companies are making it easier and lighter for people who wish to have a beautiful house. You just need to choose your unit, sign the contract and pay the monthly obligation if you are investing for a monthly installment. After you have paid it all, the unit is all yours. That’s how easy it is to have your own house now.

Jade Scape Condo Qingjian old Shunfu Ville Enbloc

Jade Scape is one of the condo projects of Qingjian Realty in Singapore. This is actually the old Shunfu Ville enbloc after the previous issues were resolved. This project is considered as one of the best projects they have because of its location and condo features. When you are thinking about relocating to a place where you can find peace in your daily living, this can be the best place for you. The location is very strategic. It is near the urban center which attracts people to live here. Even if it is located in the city, it offers a serene place to stay so it is like a peaceful living at the heart of the city.

Jade Scape Rich Facilities and Shopping Malls

Jade Scape is rich in high-end facilities. The amenities provided are all modern and nothing one could wish for since you have everything in it. You can really enjoy a luxurious lifestyle when you stay there. It includes a tennis court, indoor gym, and a big swimming pool. If you have kids, you can freely let them enjoy playing in the children’s playground. At times you wanted to savor barbecues, the BBQ area is just around waiting for everyone to enjoy. If your concern is about shopping, Jade Scape is just near to shopping centers and malls. There are many food centers around when you do not feel like cooking that day.

Accessibility of Jadescape Condo Marymount Road

For recreational places, there is Thompson Park nearby that is the best place to go for a walk or hiking. Some residents can do biking as a sort of an exercise. The cleanliness around the park will help you enjoy your walk. Nothing stinks just make you feel so comfortable all the time. Some units are also accessible to MacRitchie reservoir.
The floor plans do consist of 1-3 bedrooms. You can choose the one that you like. You can choose your unit whether you want it facing the Marymount Road or the Shunfu Road. Given its good location, you have good access to transportation and schools. James Cook University is very accessible. Schools like St. Nicholas School, Mary Flower School, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School and Marymount School are among the best schools nearby.

Living in such a very lucrative place will cost you a lot of money. However, that one-time investment is a happy living for a lifetime. Spending much is nothing when it is about a healthy and peaceful living. A hassle-free environment enables you to enjoy life to its fullest.